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Product Code M6055
Power Requirements 230v
Max Power 3000 W
Steam 8 Bar
Boiler Capacity 3.6
Boiler Material RVS AISI 304
Heat Up Time Approx. 9 min
Autonomy Continuous operation
Detergent Facility Yes
Detergent Tank External 2 x 5 L
Indicator Yes
Cable Length 4m
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H ( in cm)) 37 x 82.5 x 100
Net Weight 28 Kg
Ship Weight 35 Kg
Certification CE , IPX4
Boiler Temp 170 C
Adjustable Presure Yes
Incorporated Pressure Optional Kit A03154
Wet Vacuum Yes
Vacuum Tank Capacity 10 L
Steam Output Yes
SF Eco & SF3 Steam Only Hose

SF Eco & SF3 Steam Only Hose - A03057

£161.12 Add to basket
SF3 Steam & Vacuum Hose

SF3 Steam & Vacuum Hose - A03058

£235.69 Add to basket
Double Locking Extension Tube (Steam & Vacuum)

Double Locking Extension Tube (Steam & Vacuum) - A00055

£21.87 Add to basket
Extension Tube (Steam Only) (One supplied)

Extension Tube (Steam Only) (One supplied) - A03060

£15.03 Add to basket
300mm Brush Insert (Fits A00063)

300mm Brush Insert (Fits A00063) - A00068

£16.52 Add to basket
Large Triangular Brush (Steam Only)

Large Triangular Brush (Steam Only) - A03072

£27.01 Add to basket
60mm Round Nylon Brush

60mm Round Nylon Brush - A03074

£3.14 Add to basket
Nylon Detail Brush (Steam Only)

Nylon Detail Brush (Steam Only) - A03081

£1.07 Add to basket
Copper Detail Brush (Steam Only)

Copper Detail Brush (Steam Only) - A03082

£3.25 Add to basket
Stainless Steel Detail Brush

Stainless Steel Detail Brush - A03083

£2.91 Add to basket
Brush Insert (Fits A00078)

Brush Insert (Fits A00078) - A00079

£16.00 Add to basket
Nylon Detail Brush (Steam & Vacuum)

Nylon Detail Brush (Steam & Vacuum) - A00072

£1.93 Add to basket
Brass Detail Brush (Steam & Vacuum)

Brass Detail Brush (Steam & Vacuum) - A00155

£3.47 Add to basket
300mm Carpet Insert (Fits A00063)

300mm Carpet Insert (Fits A00063) - A00065

£16.52 Add to basket
300mm Hard Floor Insert (Fits A00063)

300mm Hard Floor Insert (Fits A00063) - A00066

£16.52 Add to basket
15cm Suction Tool (Steam & Vacuum)

15cm Suction Tool (Steam & Vacuum) - A00078

£25.87 Add to basket
Squeegee Insert (Fits A00078)

Squeegee Insert (Fits A00078) - A00080

£14.88 Add to basket
Small Gulper Nozzle (Steam & Vacuum)

Small Gulper Nozzle (Steam & Vacuum) - A00081

£2.42 Add to basket
Detail Gulper Nozzle (Steam & Vacuum)

Detail Gulper Nozzle (Steam & Vacuum) - A00075

£5.79 Add to basket
Squeegee 25cm (Steam & Vacuum)

Squeegee 25cm (Steam & Vacuum) - A00077

£34.04 Add to basket
300mm Multi Function Floor Tool (Steam & Vacuum)

300mm Multi Function Floor Tool (Steam & Vacuum) - A00063

£73.87 Add to basket
Complete Floor Tool (Steam Only)

Complete Floor Tool (Steam Only) - A03061

£52.36 Add to basket
Squeegee Tool 24cm (Steam Only)

Squeegee Tool 24cm (Steam Only) - A03063

£28.42 Add to basket
Short Curved Nozzle (Steam Only)

Short Curved Nozzle (Steam Only) - A03069

£6.83 Add to basket
Turbo Carpet Tool (Steam & Vacuum)

Turbo Carpet Tool (Steam & Vacuum) - A02152

£47.93 Add to basket
Short Nozzle (Steam & Vacuum)

Short Nozzle (Steam & Vacuum) - A03034

£63.92 Add to basket
Upholstery Tool (Steam & Vacuum)

Upholstery Tool (Steam & Vacuum) - A00173

£37.46 Add to basket
SF3 Vacuum Kit

SF3 Vacuum Kit - A03154

£568.75 Add to basket
Water Bottle

Water Bottle - A03216

£4.36 Add to basket
Cleaning in Progess Sign

Cleaning in Progess Sign - A00972

£7.40 Add to basket
Accessory Bag

Accessory Bag - A00903

Not Available Online
Cotton Cloth

Cotton Cloth - A03028

£3.25 Add to basket
Cover for Floor Tool (Fits A03061)

Cover for Floor Tool (Fits A03061) - A03071

£5.97 Add to basket
Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles - A00096

£6.61 Add to basket
Safety Gloves

Safety Gloves - A00097

£4.41 Add to basket
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