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The Challenge
Difficult access and complicated surfaces are typical problems encountered in Food Processing & Manufacturing plants.  In addition, time consuming manual cleaning methods are ineffective and involve considerable downtime leading to loss of production.  Cleaning regimes vary between industries, but most are very tedious, labour intensive procedures.  The degree of cleanliness is proportionate to the time available, the cleaning staff, types of contaminates and the physical characteristics of the equipment being cleaned.  From all of these variances comes a single, universal requirement; to clean, decontaminate and sanitise effectively and quickly.

Benefits of Dry Steam
Dry steam, generated under pressure and superheated to temperatures up to 180˚C dissolves most substances instantly on contact reducing, if not eliminating completely, any reliance on chemicals in the cleaning process.  Dry steam will penetrate any surface cracks and crevices as well as general hard to reach areas where manual cleaning efforts can fail to meet the required standard.  Dry steam, as a cleaning tool, is less aggressive than other more commonly employed wash down procedures which in turn means processing equipment lasts longer and operates more reliably.

OspreyDeepclean is still the only company to have conducted independent, scientific studies into the efficacy of dry steam.  As proven in these studies, spores are removed as opposed to destroyed ensuring there is little opportunity for resistance to build up which can happen with chemical usage.  Dry steam delivers improved bactericidal efficacy whilst using very little water, typically 90-95% less when compared to pressure washers which waste tens of thousands of gallons of water every day!  

Environments where water is not the preferred cleaning medium can also benefit from using dry steam.  When further heat is applied to conventional steam, the remaining water droplets are vapourised thus making the steam “dry.”  In a dry bakery for example, any remaining surface water could cause fungal growth that would lead to food contamination.  Our technology can be supplied with an optional vacuum unit to remove any residual soiling and steam residue, leaving a clean, dry and pathogen free surface.

Bespoke BSU Systems
OspreyDeepclean offers a complete solution.  We design, we manufacture and we control and oversee all installations.  Our belt sanitation systems can be used on solid and mesh belts for both interim cleaning for allergen removal during a production shift and for a deep cleaning sanitation process at the end of a production day.  They can be installed as a fixture or as a portable system on similar belts within the production factory so as to further standardise your cleaning regime. 

The OspreyDeepclean conveyor belt cleaning technology operates with standard PLC control equipment.  This enables communication between the steam generator and the conveyor belt and makes a fully transparent and auditable sanitation process.  In addition, information on temperature and quantity of water used at any given time is always accessible as is information on the steam quality which is determined by bactericidal and allergens tests taken in advance.  Consistency of the steam quality has to be guaranteed for the validation process.  Possible deviations away from pre-set parameters will cause the PLC control to sound an alarm.  As the steam generator communicates directly with the conveyor belt, cleaning can be immediately halted should the need arise.

We welcome the opportunity to carry out site demonstrations of our mobile dry steam units and our belt sanitation systems.

The demonstration is able to show you the principles of how the system works in terms of delivering a clean, dry belt. It also want to ensure that you are completely satisfied and that the system suits your specific objectives.  We can discuss briefly the pricing model and payback to your business in terms of key benefits.


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