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If you have a gum problem...who you gonna call...?!

Thoughtlessly discarded chewing gum is not only a nusiance to the general public who have to (literally) side step this irritating problem, it is also a huge headache to the authorities and FM companies who have to remove it from our pavements and roads whilst causing the least disruption in the process.  Next time you are out and about, take a look at the pavement beneath your feet; see those dirty round spots that blight surfaces everywhere?  Thats what we're talking about, discarded gum!  And its costing our  Government in excess of £150 million every year to remove, on average, the 7,000 tons that is simply thrown on the ground.

The traditional method to removing gum is to blast it with high pressure washers.  Not only does this method leave tell tale "trails" on the surface, which illustrate to all just  how dirty the rest of the pavement is, they also serve as a reminder of the huge amount of water that is needed for this kind of approach to the problem which is both costly and environmentally wasteful.   

Our specially developed GumBusters technology can be used on almost every surface, including asphalt, concrete, paving, natural stone, and most carpets and other internal surfaces.  The chewing gum is removed via a high temperature, low pressure steam system and a unique biodegradable cleaning agent using only a very small amount of water per day.  We have further developed our technology and 2016 saw the launch of the world's first battery powered dry steam unit for gum removal; the GB1.  Silent, simple and cordless, this truely multi terrain machine operates for up to 6 hours anywhere!

GumBusters: No mess, No disruption, No damage to surfaces

Who you gonna call...?!

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Gum Cart & Trolley


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