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Chemical Free Infection Control

Infection control and the fight against MRSA and other so called Superbugs, are two of the biggest concerns within today’s medical and healthcare environments. Our steam technology has been the subject of independent, scientific, bactericidal efficacy and healthcare environment studies, conducted by the University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and tested by TNO; the Dutch Institute for applied Scientific Research.

The conclusion is that the OspreyDeepclean HealthcareCleaning System provides a consistent evidence based tool that can be successfully integrated into the cleaning and infection control practices recommended for the Healthcare environment.’’ University College London Hospitals UCLH

OSPREYDEEPCLEAN’s dry steam healthcare equipment is at the heart of achieving and maintaining the highest hygiene standards for Infection Prevention and Control helping to combat Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI).

With the growing understanding of environmental hygiene and its influence over patient safety and HAI, maintaining the highest hygiene standards is of paramount importance and our equipment is currently being used by the NHS and many private healthcare providers as an essential part of their hygiene and sanitation practices.  The technology has also been successfully introduced into Nusing and Care Homes and GP surgeries.

With independently validated evidence based data, patented healthcare specific tools and competency based training we provide a sustainable cleaning system which consistently delivers the highest hygiene standards improving environmental hygiene hence improving patient safety.

  • Proven to be effective against Superbugs
  • Instantly clean and dry surfaces, ready for use
  • Reducing the use of chemical products
  • Evidence based and certified technology


Healthcare Product Range


SteamForce Precision Compact
SteamForce Precision Compact
Steam & Vac Pro
Steam & Vac Pro
Provap Evo Vac
Provap Evo Vac


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