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Our vision is to be the most highly respected supplier of dry steam technology in our industry by providing our clients with the highest possible quality of service and through sustainable, profitable growth.   Dry steam is everything we are about and,  by it’s very nature its an integral part of our sustainability policy. Use of dry steam reduces water consumption (one blue chip food manufacturer using our equipment reduced their water consumption by an incredible 6,000,000 litres) Standards of cleanliness in the environment are greatly improved and there is no requirement for any chemical or detergents. 


We will continue to build upon our strengths and further develop our expertise within our market for the benefit of everyone associated with us as a company.  OspreyDeepclean Ltd is committed to addressing sustainability  through a responsible approach to economic, environmental and social issues.


Sustainable Procurement and the Supply Chain - Purchasing Policy

We aim to provide leadership and raise awareness of sustainability within our workforce, with members of our  supply chain and our clients stakeholders through the encouragement of participation in like minded projects to facilitate meeting our goals.  We will continue to develop and train all of our employees to raise their aspirations and to meet the future demands of the business and individuals.

We aim to minimise any negative environmental impact occurring through our operations through effective waste management, appropriate choice of materials and individual consideration for each project we undertake and each machine we supply.  Our purchasing policy aims to provide a framework to advance the sustainable use of resources and demonstrate that our purchasing decisions can improve markets for environmental and recycled products, as well as being resource responsible. Where possible, we prefer the purchase of local recycled or recyclable and environmentally  sustainable products where they are fit for purpose, available at a reasonable cost and do not compromise on quality. We work hard with our suppliers to ensure they meet our strict criteria, looking at life cycle, environmental policies and accreditation's and aspire to influence on best practice whilst conforming to legislation.


Code of Ethics

Sustainability is at the heart of our business and we aim to achieve greater sustainability year on year . We are passionate and committed to ensuring that we meet the needs of today without compromising those of future generations; minimising any negative impact on our planet and our people.  Our values go far beyond that of   profitability - we believe the delivery of service, quality, value, reliability and sustainability through environmental consideration and innovative new technologies are key to a more sustainable future. Through collaboration with likeminded partners and taking an integrated approach throughout the whole of our business process, we hope to demonstrate that we can continue to improve our business and its overall impact on society - in the marketplace, the workplace, the environment and the community. 

The 3 R’s

We REDUCE by using less and minimising in the first instance to avoid waste. This includes purchasing in bulk, offering an electronic ordering system, emailing correspondence and double sided printing etc. We also aim to supply all of our customers with products the most cost effective solution.

We REUSE by making best use of existing and reclaimed resources.  We salvage machine parts where possible from old style machines that can be reused before responsible disposal.  We also collect and recycle any brass, metal and lengths of cable that can also be responsibly recycled to avoid these items ending up in landfill.  We offer our customers the opportunity to trade in old machines for more up to date, more efficient technology and we also try to ensure that we supply products that are manufactured from reusable recyclable sustainable resources wherever possible.

We RECYCLE by ensuring we provide resoruces and training to personnel and customers to assiat in the recycling process.  Ensuring we purchase and/or supply products that are; where possible, manufactured from or contain recycled materials that can be recycyled again and again.  In our warehouse, all cardboard packaging is either reused for customer orders or recycled at our local recycling centre if it cannot be reused.  We have successfully implemented measures for recycling our paper card and plastics.  Our printer cartridges are recycled through a third party and our postage stamps are sent off to Marie Curie Cancer Reseach to raise vital funds.  

Waste Minimisation

Minimising waste, packaging and transportation wherever possible, we offer a sustainable web based 24/7 on line ordering facility (   The website also has helpful information on the use of steam and the environmental benefits.

Recognising part of the sustainable cycle is to cut down on the consumption in the first place, our office based staff print, where possible, double sided. Further waste reduction has been achieved through the introduction of computerised document management, e-invoicing, the new introduction of e-statements and e-marketing, although we will continue to support those customers who request hard copies where necessary.

We are looking at installing water saving devices in all of our toilet cisterns along with an inbuilt water filter system straight from the mains to provide our drinking water.

By subscribing to the Telephone Preference Service and Mail Preference Service, we ensure we don’t receive junk mail and unsolicited mail, minimising waste at source and where possible, we make use of online rather than paper-based communications

Energy efficiency

We have implemented reduced energy use and conservation preserving resources through the application of timers, the installation of energy efficient lighting, sensors and the installation of manually controlled air-conditioning.