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Chemical Free, Infection Control: 

The Power of Dry Steam

Dec 16, 2019

OSPREYDEEPCLEAN is the market-leading supplier of dry steam equipment for chemical-free sanitation and decontamination.

Celebrating 17 years in the industry; OSPREYDEEPCLEAN's award-winning technology is an industry-first given that we are the ONLY company to have independently validated scientific evidence to support the efficacy of our dry steam technology.

Dry steam works quickly and effectively to penetrate deep into any surface it touches without causing surface damage or destruction that can happen with hazardous chemicals. Unlike chemicals, dry steam, superheated to 180 degrees Celcius, saponifies dirt, grease and grime and removes them from the surface using an integral vacuum. This is in direct contrast to chemicals which are produced to kill bacteria and germs with the eventual inevitable outcome being antimicrobial resistance. Pathogens and their biofilms including MRSA and C.Difficile are safely and effectively removed through the use of dry steam which turns an everyday clean into a deep clean!

Dry steam by nature is environmentally friendly. All that is required is with our technology is a small amount of clean cold tap water. One litre of tap water converts to approx. 1600 litres of sanitising dry steam making it the only real alternative to chemicals in the fight against HCAI's.

Contact us for a demonstration and witness the power of dry steam and eradicate not only your superbugs but your chemical bill too!

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