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The constant quest for greater efficiency, improved cleaning and enhanced bactericidal sanitation coupled with the demand to achieve this in the most environmentally friendly way means the growth and popularity of dry steam technology is ever increasing. 

To minimise downtime and ensure our technology remains in great working condition, OspreyDeepclean believe that prevention is better than cure! All electrical equipment should be checked & inspected by a qualified professional on an annual basis and our machines are no exception. This is why we offer Preventative Maintenance Packages that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

This will help to ensure that:

  • Downtime of the machine is kept to a minimum
  • Reliability will at the highest level
  • Performance of the machine will always be at its best
  • Breakdown repair costs are kept to a minimum
  • You will retain a better residual value with a full service history

When carrying out routine maintenance the OspreyDeepclean engineers will carry out any new modifications (if applicable) to improve the reliability of the machine further still.

(This type of work will only be carried out at the discretion of the company.)

OspreyDeepclean operates nationwide engineer coverage for repairs and servicing of machines and we will always respond to machine breakdowns within 48 hours of being notified. This means either an engineer will come to your premises to complete repairs/servicing* or we arrange for the machine(s) to be couriered back to our Cheltenham warehouse. Once all work is completed the machine is couriered back to you.** Simple!

So, one payment, once a year and your machine(s) can be completely covered for most eventualities and reassured that your OspreyDeepclean machine will be trouble free.


Requesting an Engineer…

If you require servicing or repairs on our purchased machines click here to request an engineer. 



Discounts may be available on maintenance contracts for multiple machines, subjects to all machines being in one location for the purpose of repairs of servicing

The pricing shown on the reverse is applicable for up to two machines.

Between 2 & 10 machines on one site—10% discount

Further discount is available for 11+ machines on one site and will be given upon request.

All prices are shown per machine and are exclusive of VAT.


The Small Print…

Gold maintenance contracts can only be taken out either at the time of purchase or within 6 months of the purchase date, subject to an OspreyDeepclean engineer inspection. Inspections are chargeable at the current hourly labour rate.

OspreyDeepclean is unable to provide cover under the Silver contract for any consumables such as hoses and/or accessories.

The Gold Service Contract provides cover for hose repairs only and not replacements. If there is evidence to suggest misuse, any hose repairs will become chargeable at the discretion of the company.

If there is evidence to suggest misuse of equipment or an untrained operator has been allowed to use the equipment, the Maintenance Contracts becomes void and all repairs that result from the misuse will be chargeable to the customer. In these circumstances, the Service Manager will discuss the matter before repairing. No repairs will be done before the client has been informed and given approval.

Travelling costs may be incurred if the machines are not in the location stated or they are not accessible to the engineer on arrival at site.

The GB1 batteries are excluded from all contracts. If a replacement is required, this must be at the customer’s own cost.

Any repairs carried out that are due to an incorrect or non ODC approved chemical being used with the machines will be chargeable under the normal call out charge/hourly rate.