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    Wire brushes are an excellent choice for agitating surfaces to remove all manner of surface contaminants, marks rust and oxidation. But with so ma...
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    This article explores how can food production be increased, more efficient and more sustainable with automatic, continual dry steam belt cleaning system
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    Whether it’s a bottling plant, facility, factory, brewery, distillery, soft drinks manufacturer or winery, there are distinct locations along the b...
  • Why cleaning and sanitisation is crucial for drinks manufacturing

    The UK Food and Drink Industry has a turnover of more than £105bn, accounting for almost 20% of total UK manufacturing. 96% of the UK’s 7,400 food ...
  • Keeping Food Production Lines Clean at Deeside Cereals

    How dry steam belt cleaning units have helped to improve the environmental hygiene across the food production line at Deeside Cereals.
  • What is Deep Cleaning, Disinfecting and Decontaminating: Cleaning up these murky terms

    What is a deep clean? What are the different ways to achieve a deep clean? The latest article from OspreyDeepclean explores these often confusing terms.
  • Has Covid-19 changed health and safety in Care Homes for the better?

    Health and Safety in Care Homes has been overlooked for some time but as Covid-19 rampages on it’s impossible to ignore any longer. So is there a silver lining?
  • Infographic - How to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

    OspreyDeepclean examines how to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, with expert quotes, helpful advice and other useful information about protecting yourself against COVID-19 as well as caring for those afflicted with it.
  • Steam & Vac Pro passes important enveloped viruses tests

    Our Steam & Vac Pro model proven to achieve a greater than 5-log reduction, based on the Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology's expert opinion.
  • Reopening Schools – Choose the Best Tools for the Job

    As the government has schools reopening, how can we protect returning staff and our children from COVID-19?
  • How to Provide Environmental Safety on Public Transport for Drivers, Passengers and Cleaners

    As Covid-19 spread across the globe, the public transport industry and its staff jumped into the front line along with the NHS and first responders. This article is part of a series detailing how to maintain optimal environmental hygiene in the face of COVID-19. Disinfectant fogging and dry steam vapour cleaning deliver the most efficient, safe and comprehensive deep clean for public transport.