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  • Chewing Gum; A Pollution Facts & Stats Infographic

  • Industrial Steam Cleaners: The Ultimate Guide

    Using an industrial steam cleaner will enable you to clean effectively and economically across many different industrial surfaces. See our ultimate guide to check exactly how these machines will revolutionise your cleaning. 
  • Resolve Listeria Outbreaks Without Chemicals

    Listeria monocytogenes continues to be a headline-grabbing pathogen as it challenges our handling of both raw materials and factory sanitation.  This pathogen seemingly evolves on an on going basis and maintains itself as a major threat to food safety as it continues to test the ways we attempt to control it.
  • The Modern Way to Clean Up Our Streets

    Thoughtlessly discarded chewing gum is not only a nuisance to the general public, it is a huge headache to the authorities & FM companies who have to remove it from our pavements & roads.  The British Government alone spends in excess of £150 million every year removing, on average, 7,000 tons of discarded chewing gum from the UK’s streets and it seems nowhere is safe from this anti-social issue. 
  • Infection Control - Chemical Free - The Power of Dry Steam

    Osprey Deepclean is the market-leading supplier of dry steam equipment for chemical-free sanitation and decontamination.
  • Validation of the OspreyDeepclean Steam Cleaning Technology in the Healthcare Environment

    Our 12-month study with TNO, University College London Hospitals and Proventec Healthcare to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the steam cleaning systems and tools, in both controlled cleanroom laboratory, and recreated hospital environments. 
  • Advancing Hygiene Standards & Infection Prevention Culture in the Protection of the Patient Environment

    OspreyDeepclean worked withUniversity College London Hospitals to assess the efficacy of dry steam cleaning in hospital environments. This study fo...
  • An in use evaluation of OspreyDeepclean Dry Steam Vapour (DSV) Cleaning Technology

    OspreyDeepclean, in conjunction with the Department of Health, and NHS County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust published a study in 200...