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Resolve Listeria Outbreaks Without Chemicals

Listeria monocytogenes continues to be a headline-grabbing pathogen as it challenges our handling of both raw materials and factory sanitation.  This pathogen seemingly evolves on an ongoing basis and maintains itself as a major threat to food safety as it continues to test the ways we attempt to control it.


Dry steam requires only clean, cold water to deliver much improved bactericidal efficacy* on any material or surface.  A combination of light agitation of the surface together with the heat from the dry steam is all that is required to break any biofilm.  Bacteria, allergens, pathogens and associated spores are removed as opposed to killing meaning there is little scope for resistance to build up which can happen with chemical usage.  Any reside can easily and quickly be removed using the integral vacuum unit. 


While delivering improved bactericidal efficacy, dry steam  uses very little water and, as the need for traditional wash downs is removed; dramatically reduces water and chemical usage


Using water only means that dry steam is much less aggressive than other more commonly employed cleaning methods; increasing the longevity of processing equipment and delivering even more long term cost savings.

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