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The Modern Way to Clean Up Our Streets

Thoughtlessly discarded chewing gum is not only a nuisance to the general public, but it is also a huge headache to the authorities & FM companies who have to remove it from our pavements & roads.  

The British Government alone spends in excess of £150 million every year removing, on average, 7,000 tons of discarded chewing gum from the UK’s streets and it seems nowhere is safe from this anti-social issue.  Traditionally, the favoured method to remove these unsightly deposits has been to blast surfaces with high-pressure water. Given that the average pressure washer uses approx. 8 gallons of water per minute; that a lot of wasted water not to mention the trails left behind (because the whole surface is not being cleaned) which only serve to illustrate how dirty the surface was prior to blasting!

The use of dry steam for busting gum uses exponentially less water; leaves no unsightly residues in its wake and is generally a much more fit for purpose method of removing discarded gum deposits.   Recent technological developments in the field of dry steam have seen the introduction of cordless machines for gum busting.  These simple, easy to use machine utilise rechargeable batteries to create dry steam using only clean cold tap water and an environmentally friendly, biodegradable chemical. Gum deposits are simply dissolved on contact and any remaining residue is brushed away.  

The GB1 and GB Eco, part of the GumBusters range by OspreyDeepclean, busts gum one deposit at a time and operates for as little as £2.50 per hour.  Thomas Stuecken, Chairman of OspreyDeepclean said “Acting on the demands of the industry, the logical next step is cable-free and generator free steam production.  The GB1 operates for up to 5 hours on a single battery charge, the GB Eco up to 2.5 hours.  Both are silent during operation meaning they can be used in populated areas with minimal disruption.” 

Cordless technology continues to go from strength to strength and could be just the tip of the iceberg.  It has the potential to re-write the cleaning rules and completely change the current state of the cleaning industry.  Simplistic controls, cordless and virtually silent while in operation, battery-powered steam units could be coming to coming to a street near you! 

Dry steam is the original “chemical-free” cleaning tool and OspreyDeepclean have always firmly advocated that it is the ideal modern tool for old fashioned deep cleaning practises.  Discarded gum and graffiti are probably always going to be an anti-social issue yet we can be confident that with the evolution of innovative technology such as the GumBusters GB1 & GB Eco; we can keep instilling the positive “See it clean, Keep it clean” attitude to minimise the impact it has on our world.  In the meantime; for all the existing gum deposits out there, “who you gonna call…?!”

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