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Cleaning the streets, 

piece by piece

Our battery powered street scene cleaning range, for all your gum and graffiti removal concerns.


It costs only £3 per hour (on average) to run our machines, quarter the price of other steam machine competitors and a third of the cost of gas powered machines.

Easy Usability

Our robust, cord free machines’ are easy to use, so street clean/scene teams can get to work straight away, without cables or generators holding them back.



Ideal for street clean teams to use during the day or at night, in densely populated areas, without causing any nuisance or disturbance as it is virtually silent during use.



Uses a maximum of 6 Litres of water for every 4 hour autonomy (one charge's worth of operation).

Listed on DEFRA's approved Technology list.

To remove 1 piece of gum...

... with a Pressure Washer

Costs 10p (on average)

Using at LEAST 3.55 Litres (0.78 gallons) of water

... with our GumBusters®

Costs 4p (on average)

Using at MOST 0.005 Litres (0.001 gallons) of water

Before & After Gum Removal

Before & After 

Gum Removal

Our Battery Powered Machines

Watch how quickly and easily the world's first battery powered gum removal machine, our GB1, removes pieces of old well trodden in gum off the streets.

With minimal effort pressurised steam and detergent instantly start to break down targeted gum and/or graffiti. Agitating the area with a brass brush, lifts the soiling to leave a clean gum free patch.

It's a sticky situation, but we're happy to step in!

GB Eco
Operating on a single 12-volt battery allows this compact machine to run for 2 hours solid.
One full battery charge provides up to 5 hours of street cleaning capabilities.
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