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Belt Sanitation Unit
Belt Sanitation Unit
Belt Sanitation Unit

Belt Sanitation Unit

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The use of dry steam in conjunction with a Belt Sanitation Unit (BSU) outperforms other belt washing systems in the market.  It enables the belt to be cleaned and sanitised during the production process.  Dry steam can be applied to both sides of the belt and the belt direction can be varied during the cleaning process.  Offered as both a portable unit for use in multiple locations or as a fully integrated system built into the production line, the use of a BSU reduces chemical and disinfection usage and speeds up cleaning tasks.  Dry steam is the ideal tool for use in a “dry” environment and helps to facilitate faster product changeovers as the belts are left sanitised, dry and allergen-free after cleaning, ready for immediate re-use.

This size of the belt to be cleaned dictates the size of the BSU.  The wider the belt, the more powerful the mobile steam machine needs to be; ranging from the SteamForce 6 Vac right up to our iS36 machine. 


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M6068  (up to) 400mm BSU