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GB Eco

GB Eco

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The GB Eco is the newest member of the GumBusters range.  

Exactly as the name suggests this is an eco version of the world’s first cordless dry steam machine for gum busting.  Operating on a single 12-volt battery and able to run for approx. 2 hours; this compact version boasts all of the same features of its larger teammate at a reduced size! 

Cordless, quiet and simple to use, the GB Eco requires one overnight charge and operates using a simple START/STOP system. Best suited to indoor or front of house applications, the compact nature of the machine means it can be more easily used in confined spaces yet the robust caster wheels ensure this remains a multi-terrain machine and can just as easily be used outdoors.  

Ideal for use during the day and in densely populated areas; the GB Eco can be used without causing any nuisance or disturbance due to it being virtually silent during use.


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Up to 2 hours
Detergent Capacity
2.2 litres
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) cm
Max. Vapourising Chamber Temperature
Net Weight
Output Regular
Self Regulated
Power Supply
X2 12v Cell Batteries125AH
Shipping Weight
Vaporisation Chamber Capacity