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iS80 Oil
iS80 Oil

iS80 Oil


The iS80 is the ideal mobile steam cleaner for tackling heavy-duty industrial cleaning applications. Delivering both excellent dry steam and powerful saturated steam, it easily removes lubricants, oil, graphite, hard grease and stubborn dirt from equipment and plant machinery.  

Diesel driven with innovative steam delivering technology, it is fitted with an ergonomic heavy-duty pistol grip which allows direct remote and immediate control of both steam output and detergent facility if required. Equipped with a range of industrial accessories and with three detergent output levels, it provides the user with unrivalled steam power for the toughest applications in a wide variety of industry sectors.  

With the superb steam volume generated and its low water consumption, it offers a truly environmentally friendly alternative in many cases to the traditional and water-thirsty high-pressure washers. Raising standards and improving results, the iS80 is a true cost-effective industrial cleaning machine which shows the true power of steam.

Full range of accessories


Continuous Operation
Cable Length
5 metres
Detergent Capacity
20 Litres
Heating Up Time
Approx. 5 minutes
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) cm
Maximum Power
80 Kw
Net Weight
180 Kg
Power Supply
230 Volt 50 Hz 1.5 Amp
Shipping Weight
195 Kg
Steam Pressure
10 Bar (nominal)


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