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SF DeCon Fogging Applicator
SF DeCon Fogging Applicator

SF DeCon Fogging Applicator

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Introducing the new Fogging Applicator!

Compatible with all of our single phase SteamForce mobile steam cleaners, this handy applicator, when used in conjunction with an approved chemical, transforms your steam cleaning machine into a fogging machine.    Disinfectant foggers are the ideal way to help reduce the spread of viral infections; infection control fogging disperses non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant into the air killing 99.99% of known viruses and bacteria.

At OspreyDeepclean we are renown for pioneering Innovation in Steam Technology, designing and delivering new applications when and where it is needed at critical times.

Coming out of lockdown for numerous facilities from cafes to hotels, gyms to schools, and offices to retail and cinemas/theatres to transport coming back in use, a major clean and disinfection is required as a matter of urgency.

This is to make areas safe for the staff returning back to work as well as your customers/clients entering those premises in the coming weeks and months.

At OspreyDeepclean we have been supplying innovative steam cleaning technology for many years. The efficacy for use to remove HCAI’s including viruses was proven more than a decade ago and is very relevant in today’s world.

We have combined our Dry Steam Vapour (DSV) cleaning technology with a novel design accessory tool to create a unique steam & injected disinfectant mist decontamination application. The combined steam flow effectively targets and disinfects the surface with minimal aerosol or droplet dispersion.

This easy-to-use SF Decon accessory is used in conjunction with a certified EN14476 virucidal disinfectant.

 This is two stage process (with an optional third at the end).

  1. Use the SF Decon device with one of our single phase steamers (SF Compact, SF Eco or larger SF3) and the disinfectant (Osprey can supply or you can source yourselves). This will be to disinfect the area prior to cleaning. This is for the safety for the cleaner to operate, prior to the deep clean.
  2. Deep clean the area with the steamer for walls, floors, and all surfaces. Large floor areas will require use of scrubber drier. The detail cleaning will be done using the steamer (no additional chemical required)
  3. Optional second disinfection (repeat stage 1) after the clean has been completed.

Ideal for Cleaning Contractors, Deep-cleaning teams, Pest Control providers, In-house cleaning teams returning back. Owner/operator of small facilities.

We foresee that a greater level of cleaning and disinfection will be required on a more regular basis (daily). Especially with facilities with high foot-fall. Regular Hand contact/touch points will require on-going sanitising. Transport (trains, buses, planes, coaches and trams) will require this higher level of clean/disinfection for the foreseeable future.


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