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Why Choose OspreyDeepClean For Food Production Cleaning & Sanitation?

Our robust and reliable commercial steam cleaning equipment is specifically designed for a wide range of industrial manufacturing and production environments. These steam sanitation solutions harness the power of dry superheated steam for cleaning surfaces, including hard slip resistant flooring, food processing equipment, conveyor belts, industrial machinery, and commercial vehicles. 

“The introduction of this integrated dry steam cleaning solution has dynamically changed our cleaning processes and it really has been a roaring success for us on many different levels”

Karl Johnson, Hygiene & Environment Manager at Deeside Cereals

Perfect for 'dry cleaning' areas in bakeries and snack production plants, as well as in manufacturing and facilities where degreasing and surface cleaning is essential.

OspreyDeepclean's conveyor belt cleaning systems harness superheated dry steam to deliver a cleaning device that's more than capable of sanitising flat, modular & mesh conveyor belts, especially when compared to conventional cleaning methods such as conveyor belt cleaning brushes.

 Belt cleaning time can be reduced by as much as 66%


Improving not only conveyor cleaning requirements but overall productivity, thanks in no small part to the reduction of downtime during the steam cleaning process.
The technology has proven itself to achieve massive water savings, greatly reduced bactericidal and allergen contamination and vastly reducing product change over times.

Keeping Conveyors Turning Belt Cleaning

Our Belt Sanitation Units can be fully integrated to operate during production or used for periodic belt sanitation.

Whether you're seeking automated conveyor belt cleaning equipment for an industrial job or you need a powerful steam cleaning machine for cleaning a conveyor belt in the food industry, our dry steam cleaners are fully capable of delivering the best cleaning solution required for any task.