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SteamForce 3
SteamForce 3
SteamForce 3
SteamForce 3
SteamForce 3
SteamForce 3
SteamForce 3

SteamForce 3

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The SteamForce 3 is the ultimate professional unit and by far the most popular of our SteamForce range.  

Designed and manufactured by us, this compact yet robust stainless steel unit packs a lot of powerful steam with the added benefit of an optional vacuum unit. The steam volume can be easily regulated and the detergent facility is mounted externally for quick and easy changeovers as required for different jobs and applications.  

Sharing the same distinctive stainless steel body as the rest the range, the SteamForce 3 is of industrial quality through-out; from the heavy-duty front steam socket to the tooling supplied as standard.  

It is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly and despite its compact nature, will easily hold its own in small to medium industrial settings;  producing up to 100grams of dry steam per minute delivered at 8 bar pressure. 

Using simple clean cold tap water, superheated to temperatures of 170°C to clean, degrease and sanitise, there are no limits as to the materials and surfaces dry steam can be used on as dirt, grease and grime are simply dissolved on contact!  

Minimal effort, maximum results; the SteamForce Range is raising the standards of clean!  


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Adjustable Output Regulator
Continuous Operation
Boiler Capacity
3.6 Litres
Boiler Material
Cable Length
4 metres
Heating Up Time
Approx. 9 minutes
Indicator for Lack of Water
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) cm
Max. Boiler Temperature
Maximum Power
3,000 Watt
Net Weight
28 Kg
Power Supply
230v 50 Hz 13 Amp
Shipping Weight
35 Kg
Steam Pressure
8 Bar nominal
(Optional Extra) Vacuum / Vac Tank Capacity
1000 Watt / 10 Litre